Navigating the myriad legislative requirements imposed on businesses can seem daunting, especially for those embarking on their business careers. Whilst many business operators regard compliance activities as a tiresome burden, at Tax Advantage we see these activities as an opportunity to make strategic decisions to support the prosperity and growth of your business.

Financial Statements

Whether your business is large or small, extremely diverse or focused on just one activity, Tax Advantage has the skills and experience to prepare not just tax-compliant but meaningful financial statements.  Our service begins with the collection of all relevant data, processing it according to industry best practice and concludes with client meetings to ensure that you have a complete understanding of what is happening within your business.


Goods and Services Tax is an important aspect of every businesses operation. Should I register? Do I have to register? What return period should I choose? How do I manage cashflow? What systems should I use to preapre my GST returns? Questions such as these can be easily answered with the right advice – Tax Advantage has the specialists on hand to ensure that you make the right decisions.

Payroll and KiwiSaver

Payroll and Kiwisaver tasks can be counted among the range of tasks that can really divert your attention from what needs doing in your business. Our payroll services are designed to free you up from these tasks and give you more time to concentrate on how to prosper and grow. We offer a comprehensive service ranging from payslips and salary payments to IRD returns to the administration of bonuses and incentives.


Administering a company takes time, and time is money. At Tax Advantage our company administration system is designed to ensure that you meet all of your statutory obligations are met. Our service covers the broad range of company administration obligations including:

  • constitution, interest and share registers, minutes and resolutions
  • annual general meeting and annual returns
  • company formation.
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